Electric vehicles are the future. But they are the past as well - old electric vehicles are approaching the end of their useful lives. We don’t think that is necessary. At MUXSAN we are committed to upgrading and updating older electric vehicles to modern standards. Extending their range, retrofitting improved charging standards and maintaining cars that are mechanically excellent but showing their age otherwise.

Not just batteries

A lot of EV owners would like their car to have a bit of extra range, and we understand that. But an EV doesn’t necessarily become a better or more sustainable car if you enlarge the battery capacity (from 24 to 55+ kWh). A larger battery will reveal the need for faster charging (e.g. 22kW three-phase charging). Driving longer distances means faster (CCS 175kW+) charging enters the wish list. Now that you got rid of the gas car and use your MUXSAN EV as your primary car, you may wish to have a tow bar as well…

We are not just a battery company, we want to do everything necessary to make your old EV feel just as good as a new one, so you will not feel any temptation to buy new. Battery and charging upgrades, but also quality of life improvements like an improved app, navigation system upgrades and much, much more.

Not just Nissan EVs

While at the moment we are focused on the Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV200, we will soon be expanding our product range to the Renault drivetrain (Zoe, Kangoo ZE) and Mitsubishi (i-MiEV, Citroen C-Zero, Peugeot iOn, Peugeot Partner Electric). Other cars will certainly follow. While we are not offering products at present for these vehicles, keep an eye on our website or follow our newsletter to get updates whenever new products get announced!

Not just tinkering

Although MUXSAN only exists since 2018, the company’s pedigree in electric vehicles and electrical engineering goes back much further. The company co-founder Emile Nijssen is an electrical design engineer specializing in power electronics. His MSc thesis was on high step-up dc/dc converters for EV batteries, he spent two years with Formula Zero Team Delft, a hydrogen racing team and spent the subsequent decade designing various electronics, with a focus on energy efficiency and conversion losses - a topic that yielded a fair number of blogs and record-setting low-energy consumption PCs.

Sjaak Bloemberg, co-founder and TU Delft alumnus in Industrial Design, has experience converting over 50 cars from internal combustion engines to EV a decade ago as part of Innosys BV Delft. In addition, his experience with composite manufacturing and milling means Sjaak has a unique eye for quality and manufacturability of mechanical parts.

Together, Emile and Sjaak form the bedrock of engineering qualities necessary to not just bodge together a product that kind of works, but to design a series-produced, quality-controlled product at an affordable price. With both co-founders also deeply rooted in sustainable energy, MUXSAN is committed to a durable and sustainable product in every sense of the word. Words. Got carried away with the marketing speak there.

Delft, the Netherlands

When buying one of our extender batteries or other products, you will need to bring your car to Delft, the Netherlands, for us to install it. Please consider if you are able to do that, before making an appointment. Installation takes one day for most products.

Have a look around

Look around on our website to read more about our products. If you are interested in buying a range extending battery or one of our other products, we invite you to contact us or make an appointment through this website.