Go anywhere

A MUXSAN range extender will double your Nissan Leaf's range, transforming it from a city car to a true all-round usable car.


Charge faster

Degraded, cold and full batteries will charge slowly. A MUXSAN range extender will boost your charging speed from 0-60% by as much as 3X.


Reduce wear on your battery

The original 24kWh battery in the Nissan LEAF degrades quickly under normal use. With a MUXSAN range extender, the main battery pack in your car is offloaded and will degrade much more slowly.


Pre-order now

Express your interest in a MUXSAN extender pack for your Nissan Leaf 24kWh by pre-ordering. Pre-ordering is free of charge and serves to gauge interest in this product. More information is available on the pre-order page if you click here.