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Read this carefully before pre-ordering

All of the text below is subject to change. When converting your pre-order into a purchase, you will receive the updated and final terms and conditions to inform your choice.

Why I am accepting pre-orders

Update 31-8-2018: Thanks to everybody who placed a pre-order! After having received 50 pre-orders over the span of about two months, we have decided to stop accepting orders until we start production.

Thank you for your interest in the MUXSAN Nissan Leaf range extender. This product does not yet exist. Over the past few months, I have modified my own Nissan Leaf with a range extender battery, and this has functioned extremely well. That has led to a fair amount of people expressing interest in purchasing a similar solution for their cars. However, modifying other people's cars safely, reliably and for a fair price requires me to invest quite a lot of time and money in the finishing touches of this system, tooling, regulatory approval and supplies. In total, I expect to require approx. €25 000 in non-recurring costs before I can even start. This is why I am accepting pre-orders; to gauge whether it is worth my time and money to do this. I require about 10 pre-orders to break-even.

Please only pre-order if you are seriously interested and would be willing to spend the money on this product

You will be doing business with:

Muxsan Coöperatie UA
Wilhelminastraat 92
2651DM Berkel en Rodenrijs
VAT No.: NL859245561B01
Chamber of commerce: 72812494


Currently, my extender project is still in an unfinished state.

ItemStatusExpected delivery
Proof of conceptFinishedApr 2018
Relay controller electronicsFinishedMay 2018
Regulatory approvalFinishedJune 2018
Extender CAN interface electronicsFinishedJuly 2018
CAN repeater for main battery/VCM interfaceFinishedOctober 2018
Suspension modificationsIn progressNovember 2018
Battery enclosure prototypeIn progressNovember 2018
Battery enclosure 2011-12 Leaf moldsNot startedDecember 2018
Battery enclosure 2013-2017 Leaf moldsIn progressNovember 2018

The delivery estimates are not final and relatively conservative.

I expect to be modifying the first cars for customers in December 2018 (with December likely seeing few modifications - high volume is expected in Q1 2019). Helping me in this endeavour is Sjaak Bloemberg, with which I will start a cooperative to split mechanical and electrical engineering duties. We have also teamed up with EV Europe, an ICE-to-electric conversion company. We will be using their facilities to do the actual conversions.

Extender models and prices

The MUXSAN extender battery will be available in two models: an 8.8 and a 17.6kWh model. This is for two reasons: Weight and cost.

The smaller model's enclosure top will sit flush with the trunk lip and weigh approx. 85kg. The estimated price of this model is approx. € 3490,- including VAT, installation and warranty. Because of the relatively light weight, no modifications of the car suspension or handling are necessary.

The larger model's enclosure sits significantly higher than the trunk lip and weighs approx. 165kg. The estimated price of this model is € 5990,- including VAT, installation and warranty. The enclosure will feature a compartment for charging cables and other items to fit underneath the new 'false floor'. With this amount of weight in the trunk, it is recommended but not required to modify the stock suspension for better rearward visibility and handling on bumpy roads. The rear springs are a small additional fee.

Pre-orders will receive a €500,- discount on the regular price. Pre-orders will also be the first orders to receive an appointment to install an extender battery, in order of reception.

Both the 2011-12 and 2013-17 generations will be able to receive a MUXSAN extender. We now own both generations of Leaf in the company and are working on these models concurrently.

Prices and features are not final and relatively conservative. Prices do not include transportation of the car to and from the workshop.

You can place an order from the entire EU

Customers from the entire EU can receive an extender battery. However, I recommend waiting until 2019 before you do unless you are willing to possibly travel to my workshop more than once. I will not sugarcoat this: it is entirely possible that there will be some bug or weird combination of errors that will crop up only after intensive in-house testing. Then you will need to come in for a firmware or hardware upgrade.

Additionally, regulations may be different in your country. I have made sure that for customers in the Netherlands, there will be no issue with the local vehicle regulatory institute (RDW). This also means that technically you should be able to drive anywhere in the EU with Dutch modifications, but I might be wrong on that. It helps to call your local government and ask before placing a pre-order. I will list countries with confirmed regulatory approval when I know more.

For interested people outside of the EU, most notably the US: I am trying to arrange for modification kits with tutorials on how to install them. You will be able to add those to your car at your own risk.

Installation takes about a day

When your place in line comes up, you will receive an e-mail asking whether you are still interested in getting an extender battery. If you are, you will be asked to pay a deposit and a date for the installation is planned. Installation takes a day, meaning you will be able to arrive with your car in the morning and drive away in the evening. I am investigating giving out a loaner car. The location of the workshop is the Teslaweg 5 in Delft, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

Warranty and liability

You will receive a 2-year 'factory defect' warranty on the extender. Additionally, you will receive one free check-up 12 months after purchase - a €120 value. Afterwards, I highly recommend visiting yearly for another checkup. You will receive feature and safety updates (electronics bug fixes, compatibility upgrades) and I will use read-outs of your battery health to improve long-term usability of your Nissan Leaf. You will also be able to purchase other neat gadgets that work together with the extender electronics, e.g. an upgraded infotainment system and a high-speed granny charger.

If serious issues are found and parts have to be recalled, you will receive replacements free or charge or be refunded your purchase if you wish to uninstall the extender. You will also receive an advisory on how to operate the car in case of an issue. For this reason, please make sure you enter correct and usable contact information.

Insurance terms TBD. (Work in progress)

Follow my progress on YouTube

If you want to stay informed on the progress and timeline, I will post any interesting updates on my YouTube channel PowerElectronicsBlog. I will also keep this website updated.

Place your pre-order

We have decided to stop the pre-orders at 50. As of Sept. 1, 2018, you will temporarily not be able to place any (pre)orders. When we have finished engineering on the prototype cars and have a better idea of how long it will take to process the current preorders, we will open the site up to new orders.


Note that a few pre-orders are from outside the EU. These will likely be pushed back in favor of EU installs until I figure out how to serve these customers. The first car on the list is our own 2014 Leaf, still to be converted.

NumberDisplay nameLeaf modelCountry
1MUXSAN2014 AcentaNetherlands
3Jite2013 TeknaUnited Kingdom
4Andy L2011 AcentaUnited Kingdom
5Red Metal2014 TeknaUnited Kingdom
6Maarten2011 AcentaNetherlands
7Ross2013 SUSA (!)
8Jurgen2011 SLUSA (!)
9JLC2015 AcentaUnited Kingdom
10NickOZ2012Australia (!)
11Sune LH2014 AcentaDenmark
14Tony2013 AcentaUnited Kingdom
15Frank2015 TeknaNetherlands
16Gerrit2013 AcentaNetherlands
17Blue shadow2013 (JP)Germany
18Jorg2016 30kWhGermany
20Mat2015 AcentaUnited Kingdom
22Miio2014 AcentaNetherlands
23Assje2013 TeknaNetherlands
24Jan Deeg2014 AcentaNetherlands
25TVA2013/11 AcentaNetherlands
26Ian2011United Kingdom
27Lucko2013 VisiaSlovenia
28LJ2015 SUSA (!)
29Paule-NV200United Kingdom
31Dondeloro2014 TeknaAustria
32Steven Padley2014 TeknaUnited Kingdom
33Paul S2012Netherlands
35Poire2013 AcentaNetherlands
36RogerXP2014 AcentaNetherlands
38Matt Wilson2012United Kingdom
39Rich2015New Zealand
40BluPanther2012 SVCanada (!)
41Matthijs2013 TeknaNetherlands
43--(under review)
44H9900e-NV200 EvaliaDenmark
45Paul Kennett2012New Zealand (!)
47Pt hi2013 SLUSA (!)
50ManicaLuca2014 VisiaUnited Kingdom

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