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A little over 6 weeks has passed since pre-orders have opened up for the MUXSAN range extender battery, and so far we have received about 50 pre-orders. We would like to thank everybody for the enthusiastic reception of this project; we didn't quite expect that many pre-orders so quickly. Fortunately, this has made the decision to push through with the project very easy. Wait, "we"? I thought this was just a project by Emile NIjssen? MUXSAN is not a one-man project anymore With so many preorders, it is simply not possible to build all those battery packs and convert dozens of cars all by myself. It would take a year just to work through the preorders, let alone any additional customers. This is why I have asked long-time friend and fellow engineer Sjaak Bloemberg to help with the company. Sjaak will mainly be tasked with the mechanical engineering - designing and fitting the battery box, doing cable routing, helping with the suspension modifications and any other tasks that can leverage his expertise in CAM/CAD tools.

Additionally, we will be performing the modifications at a company called EV Europe in Delft, Netherlands (website currently in development - They will mostly provide us with an excellent car workshop, but also help with a bit of manpower to do the conversions. This should enable us to keep pace with the tentative schedule posted in july - with conversions starting somewhere at the end of this year and beginning of 2019.

Poll: Remote monitoring and app features

Throughout the development and conversion process, issues will come up for which we would like some feedback from (prospective) customers. In this case, we would like some feedback on adding internet connectivity to converted cars.

For regulatory compliance, the MUXSAN extender battery and additional electronics are required to measure, report and possibly even log a plethora of variables - from cell temperature and voltage to acceleration and vibration. The car does this by itself as well. We will be building tools (a bit like LeafSpy, but also compatible with the MUXSAN extender) to expose all those measurements and allow for modifications to the behaviour of the car and the extender. Our question to you is: would you like this to be accessible via the internet (e.g. via an app on your phone) and if so, how?

Some advantages include:

Of course, there are disadvantages:

These disadvantages can be largely fixed, for instance by having the electronics only read and never modify anything to the car unless a physical interlock is used. For instance, when you are at the side of the road with an error and you call us for support, you will need to press a physical switch to allow us access to the car. The yearly cost is hard to fix, unless we do not put a modem in the car and instead rely on internet access via your personal phone or device.

Please let us know what you think by either sending us an e-mail (just reply to this newsletter) or filling out the poll below:

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